Our Serivces

The world of Computers is changing daily, no sooner has one technology arrived, then it’s time for the next best thing.  For this reason we really love to chat to people to find out what’s best for them.  We understand everyone needs something different and would love to help figure out what it is YOU need. So if you’re interested in any of the following, pop in or give us a call:

  • Computer Systems – from small budget systems for the internet and e-mail, to mid range systems for business and personal use, all the way up to powerful workstations and gaming machines, we can craft something that fits with what you need.


  • Laptops – again, from the small, to the large, from the basic to the powerful, we can help you find something that fits your needs.


  • Software – Need the latest Microsoft(TM) Office?  What about a good anti-virus program?  Not sure what you need?  Well, get in contact with us and we’ll talk.


  • Printers, Ink and Toner –  We can help with all printer needs. We stock all ink and toners. We also can assist in connecting and setting up your printer.


  • Hardware – Running out of space and need another Hard Drive?  Maybe that old CD-ROM could do with updating to a DVD or even Blu-Ray?  Screen getting old or has given up?  Need a better graphics card for that latest game you want to play?  Maybe some more or faster RAM to help with your computers performance.  All this and more, we can help with.